Los Angeles, CA [March 24, 2021] Ascending from Amsterdam, Joël Gaerthé embarked on the artistic project, GANGS OF KIN, with a worldly impact beyond the boundaries of any one genre or style. Releasing today is his newest single “Broke,” a bittersweet bluesey tune with a modern take on the taboo topic of mental health.


With a hint of futuristic funk, “Broke” is a song that embodies Gaerthé’s evolution into GANGS OF KIN and beyond. The music-making project has always been cathartic for the songwriter/artist, and the path of his career has been one of spirituality and diversity of style. Gaerthé has been infatuated with music as a sense of healing from a young age, beginning performing at 16 and touring nonstop from 2011 to 2018. At the forefront of that experience was a need for complete vulnerability, something that pushed him to create GANGS OF KIN and came to be the inspiration for the song “Broke” itself.

Artist is the operative word when speaking of GANGS OF KIN, as the artistic project of Gaerthé allows for unapologetic production, lyrical, and personal expression through and through. The inspiration for GANGS OF KIN draws from a range of artists from Outkast to Tame Impala, capitalizing on colorful emotions and creative beats to capture the entire essence of an artistic being. The release of his first mixtape, Broke not Broken emphasizes just this, and the impact of this expressive work garnered great reviews from the likes of BBC Music and Clash Magazine.

The modern connection to music is that of which Gaerthé has always felt: a need to truly feel one’s own emotions expressively and beyond any boundaries of good or bad. “Broke” is a tune to everyone’s individual drums, drawing on Gaerthé’s unique vocal range and psychedelic style to convey the effects of mental health and the taboo around it.

GANGS OF KIN extends the impact of the power of art by collaborating with David Sitek and Stefan Skarbek. Further, the photos for the project were captured by the worldly renowned fashion photographer Elizaveta Porodina who effortlessly captured the essence of GANGS OF KIN as an artistic being beyond any confines of time and space. Her experimental work only intensifies the power of GANGS OF KIN as an out-of-body experimental project deeply rooted in the beauty of human-hood.

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