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Synthwave Producer Droid Bishop remixes Saint Mars ‘ Ocean Blues’ single!

Synthwave Producer Droid Bishop Remixes Saint Mars' 'Ocean Blues' –  Volatile Weekly

Prominent Synthwave producer Droid Bishop has remixed ‘Ocean Blues’, the latest single from Indie-rock band Saint Mars. ‘Ocean Blues’ Droid Bishop Remix releases on the 2nd of October via Grá Mór Phonic Records and is the first of a trilogy of ‘Ocean Blues’ remixes to be released separately. Droid Bishop has seen support from Earmilk, New Retro Wave, Neon Nights, LuigiDonatello, and Quantum Dream racking up over 9 million plays on Spotify with features on Spotify’s popular “Retrowave/ Outrun” Playlist. 

Ocean Blues (feat. Tryzdin) [Droid Bishop Remix] by Saint Mars - DistroKid
RELEASE DATE: 2nd October
LABEL: Grá Mór Phonic Records

LISTEN: Saint Mars ‘Ocean Blues (Droid Bishop Remix)’ 


Recently reworked, Ocean Blues was the band’s first-ever track, released on their eponymous EP of 2016. It features lead singer and young American prodigy Tryzdin, head honcho Marc Darcange, Angelo Bruschini (Massive Attack guitarist) as well as Britt Warner (October’s Child) who co-wrote the song. Saint Mars’ previous hits, ‘Loveghost’, ‘Help’ and ‘Pacific State’, have been widely acclaimed, earned Tryzdin a SongBro Award for Best Singing and received airplay in more than 20 countries. Thus far, the band has been featured on Medium, CLASH Magazine, Wonderland, Music Week and Beats Per Minute. In total, the outfit has reached over 1.5 million streams across digital streaming platforms.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Australian artist Droid Bishop’s funky, warm, synth-driven sound feels right at home along the West Coast of the USA. Droid Bishop boasts a string of successful releases, including 2020’s album Music. 15-year-old frontman Tryzdin shot to fame at the age of 11 years old, when a YouTube video of him singing Adele’s ‘Hello’ went viral, receiving nearly 3.7 million views and invitations to Fox News and NBC4 TV shows. With their forthcoming album Boys Never Cry to be released later this year, Saint Mars have taken a strong anti-bullying stance and ‘Ocean Blues’ can be considered the foundation stone for this public stand.

Droid Bishop’s remix of ‘Ocean Blues’ paints the track with a neon brush, capturing all the emotion of the original and transforming it into a groovy retro-synthwave hit. Tryzdin’s powerful vocals melt into the warm and bubbly synths while Droid Bishop’s signature guitar work underpins the groove. This single reveals charming intricacies over repeated listens and deserves to be featured alongside the best from established creators in the realm of retro-synthwave such as SebastiAn, Kavinsky and The Midnight.

Speaking on the remix, Droid Bishop says: “This was a fun one to work on. The quality and emotion of the vocals really brought the whole thing together and I love how it turned out. “

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