REZZ x Blanke “Mixed Signals”

JUNO award-winning Canadian producer REZZ has unveiled her sensational new single, ‘Mixed Signals’, a sizzling collaborative record made with rising Australian producer, Blanke. Download “Mixed Signals” A throbbing industrial production which showcases REZZ’s signature style – a potent mix of bass heavy tones and sickly sci-fi sounds – ‘Mixed Signals’ is an unsettling thumper, blessed with Blanke’s dynamic hooks and pulsating chord patterns….

Carmada Ready For It Remix Package / Insomniac Records

Super-duo Carmada, made up of multi-platinum selling producer L D R U and tastemaker Yahtzel, are pleased to share a massive remix package for their latest single “Ready For It,”featuring the unique production stylings of MUST DIE!, Holy Goof, Blanke, and Rido. The diverse package is out now on Insomniac Records. Download “Ready For It” Remix Package The remix package for “Ready For It” consists of four very…