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Takis feat. Jamie Fine & Brandyn Burnette – All Time ile ilgili görsel sonucu

After touching upon darker subjects last year through singles such as ‘Wait For Me’ and ‘From The Start’, Takis is turning things around with a brighter and more hopeful single. Made in collaboration with fellow Canadian artist Jamie Fine and U.S. singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brandyn Burnette, ‘All Time’ is full of hope, positivity and infectious optimism.

Listen to Takis feat. Jamie Fine & Brandyn Burnette – All Time

“Last year was so challenging that I found myself writing darker music”, Takis explains. “As honest as those songs were, I started to feel worn out and tired of reflecting on painful relationships. It was time to look ahead for once. Heading into the new year, I had this overwhelming inspiration to write brighter, happier songs. I guess I’m just optimistic and hopeful about what’s to come and wanted to express it with ‘All Time’.”

And that’s exactly what ‘All Time’ is: an expression of hope for better days. Pairing an upbeat, sun-kissed and guitar-influenced instrumental with vocals that speak of commitment and silver linings, this third record from Takis is set to serve as the next hotly anticipated part of his ‘Welcome Home’ project.

“All Time is definitely the uplifting song everyone needs at the beginning of 2021, but how it came about is just as positive”Jamie Fine explains. “Being able to get a song done with three different artists in three different cities in two different countries during a global pandemic…that’s pretty special. I’m excited to be part of a song that you can relate to anything in life you need to put a positive spin on. I definitely needed to hear it and I think it’s a great, simple message that the world needs to hear right now too.”

That notion is shared by the third player in this collaborative equation: Brandyn Burnette“2020 was a huge transition for me as an artist. I was coming out of a really hard break-up and I just starting to get my footing again when the whole world started closing down. For me, this song is a hopeful message for those moments when life gets overwhelming. It’s a song for all of the people in our lives that are there for us during the good, the bad and the ugly.”

 “When I first met Jamie a few months before the pandemic, there was something so powerful and emotional about her voice I knew we had to collaborate”, he adds. “Jamie and I play off each other’s energy well, so I just knew that when we finally did a song together, it was going to be special. I’ve been a fan of Takis ever since he started releasing music, so when I was asked to be a part of this record with the both of them, I was all in. And I think that’s what this song is truly about: being all in for the people you love because they’ve got your back at all times.”