Teri Underhill joins forces with rapper GodIsMickey for experimental new track ‘Rise’

Photo: Jo Allen

Since the release of her highly-praised debut album ‘Salt ‘n Citrus’ last year, Des Moines-based artist Teri Underhill has been hard at work cementing the next phase of her career with a flurry of dynamic new offerings throughout 2022, and now returns once again with her vibrant new offering ‘Rise’.

Teaming up with rapper GodIsMikey for the release, ‘Rise’ sees the pair venture down a sweet and shimmering avenue of pop aesthetics, delivering a fresh and distinctive release in the process. Continuing her pursuit of bold and dynamic textures throughout this new release, she is establishing herself as one of the more adventurous names on the rise right now.

Speaking about ‘Rise’, Teri said, “Rise is about reminding yourself you will rise from tough times. To keep fighting during trying times. To stay a warrior, to stay strong and that you will get through this rough time just like all the other rough times before.”

Teri Rosalani Underhill (Born April 27th, 2000), known as Teri Underhill, is an American singer/songwriter, dancer, poet, creative and author. Growing up in a diverse family (Polynesian/Puerto Rican mom, English/German dad), Teri was exposed to all genres of music expanding her mind to be limitless to what she dreams of. Teri was raised in Norwalk, Iowa but spent her summers living with her family in Maui, Hawai’i.

With Hawaiian and Samoan blood in her body, she often turned to music to understand her culture and family.Growing up, Teri struggled with autism and severe anxiety making her often the “shy, quiet” girl in the room. However once Teri was given a microphone she became the loudest voice in the room, sharing vocal abilities her great Samoan grandmother had.

Through her music you will hear the honesty, the truth and the open diary of Teri Underhill as she never holds back on her truth no matter how bitter it can be. Teri uses her voice to advocate towards mental health awareness and autism awareness by sharing the stories of her life through song, poem or film.