Terra Lightfoot Releases “Someone Else’s Feelings,” a Rollicking Reflection on How Others’ Opinions Can Dictate Our Own

Following the release of her upbeat pop rock ode to long distance relationships, “Cross Border Lovers,” JUNO and Polaris Prize-nominated singer-songwriter Terra Lightfoot is sharing “Someone Else’s Feelings,” the second single from her forthcoming record, Healing Power (October 13th).

The earnest and steady guitar led track is anchored by a stomp and clap beat, providing an upbeat and open strung canvas for Lightfoot’s ponderings on our communication mishaps.

Hear “Someone Else’s Feelings” now:

Lightfoot wrote the song during her time playing Americanafest UK in England. “I remember standing in a room full of songwriters and someone was talking about doing an upcoming Bob Dylan tribute night, and they said ‘Isn’t it just so easy to sing someone else’s feelings?’” she recalls.

That question led Lightfoot to hurry off to an old cemetery across the road from the venue and write this song, which she describes as a reflection on “how we sometimes let other people’s opinions and feelings dictate how we feel about a situation.

Sometimes we make excuses for other people, or we don’t speak up when we know someone is saying something we don’t agree with. The phrase in the last verse, ‘Hung that picture in the hall,’ is about how we sometimes carry other people’s opinions and words with us into our own worlds, sometimes hold[ing] them in higher regard than our own emotions.”