Thank an artist in your life, says Starpainter in “Low-Hanging Fruit”

Starpainter is a folk rock band from Lethbridge, Alberta, consisting of band members Joel Stretch, Colby Stolson, Mickey Hayward, and Joel Gray. They wear their influences on their sleeves, showcasing strong songwriting and an affinity for gently psychedelic alt-country tones. 

Their song, “Low-Hanging Fruit,” is a love letter to small-timer musicians, writers, and artists of all kinds. Our lives are touched week in and week out by beautiful books, songs, paintings, poems, movies, photos – most of it created by folks who work other jobs to make ends meet. “Low-Hanging Fruit” is a tribute to those people honing their craft and digging deep to do their very best work. 

Listen to the message of “Low Hanging Fruit” –

“Low-Hanging Fruit” comes from their forthcoming album, Rattlesnake Dream (out June 2nd), which exists in a small-town universe that has become a defining feature of Starpainter’s body of work. Themes of family, aging, and personal loss are explored across the album’s 10 tracks. The record is their strongest yet, exploring new sonic territory and further developing a signature sound built on old-school songwriting craftsmanship and imaginative, guitar-heavy arrangements.