The Americans Debut the Brilliant New EP, “Strays”

Emerging with an air of mystique and a penchant for experimentation, The Americans have amassed a devoted following in recent years, firmly establishing themselves as a captivating force within the Americana realm. Following their well-received prior offering, “Stand True,” the pulsating collective continues to captivate, delivering the eagerly awaited follow-up in the form of their EP, “Strays.” This new endeavor finds the enigmatic ensemble stretching beyond their signature gritty sonic landscape, venturing into more contemporary sonic territories.

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While their distinct signature elements remain woven into the fabric of the new EP, “Strays” also ventures into more familiar sonic landscapes, yielding a body of work that marries various influences while remaining deeply relatable and approachable. The lead single, “When You Get Back,” encapsulates this fresh direction, featuring a bold and spacious mix that serves as a canvas for both nostalgic chords and Americana-rock rhythms, infusing the tracks with a sense of longing. In contrast, the vibrant second single, “Kingdom,” bursts to life with its infectious chorus and enthralling guitar work, embodying all the elements of a potential hit.

Employing their dynamic artistic approach, it’s hardly surprising that the band deftly navigates varying production styles throughout the record. Amidst the shifting tempos, a textured Americana ambiance emerges, lending depth to every listen. This diverse musical strategy allows the band to navigate the release’s emotional spectrum with precision, expertly dictating the mood of each track.

Over the span of recent years, The Americans have amassed an impressive array of accomplishments. Their impressive resume includes backing luminaries such as Nick Cave, Lucinda Williams, Ashley Monroe, and Devendra Banhart, as well as joining forces with Ryan Bingham for four national tours. Collaborations with industry heavyweights like Jack White and T Bone Burnett, participation in the PBS/BBC series “American Epic” alongside Nas, Elton John, and Alabama Shakes, and appearances on The Late Show (CBS) further underscore their artistic versatility. Their musical contributions have also graced films like “Texas Killing Fields,” “A Country Called Home,” “Little Glory,” and the TV series “No Tomorrow.”

Expanding upon the somber allure of their previous works, the release of “Strays” signifies The Americans’ exploration of a new poetic avenue, adding depth to their already impressive songwriting repertoire. Oscillating between hope and despair, the enigmatic band delivers a multifaceted production style that crafts a distinct and invaluable sound. “Strays” firmly solidifies their status as one of the most exciting entities within the realm of Americana rock.

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