The Black Seeds Share Heavy Roots New Single And Video ‘Game Over’


Today, May 5th, unstoppable New Zealand eight-piece The Black Seeds, tease more new music with heavy reggae single ‘Game Over’, with its dub-version on the flipside. The new single – the fourth taken from from their upcoming seventh album ‘Love & Fire’ due on June 17 – is released alongside a captivating music video set on the inside of a pinball machine. The album will be released via Proville Records/Kartel Music Group in Europe and seminal New York City-based reggae Easy Star Records. 

Stream/Watch ’Game Over’ HerePre-order ‘Love & Fire Here.

Packed with muted guitar riffs, driving bass and drums, and an infectious horn section, ‘Game Over’ is a classic reggae track that showcases the band’s iconic sound. Led from the front by vocalist Barnaby Weir, the single tackles the challenging subjects of adversity, depression and the daily domestic grind.

“The lyrical content of this song describes some of the challenges and feelings of life as a musician and parent in this world,” says Weir. “It’s about the struggle to be the best you can while maintaining relationships and careers – as well as feeling like you’re achieving something. It’s definitely a feeling we all have at times”.

Accompanying the single is a 70’s pinball inspired music video by Wellington video director, Ed Davis. Playing on the track’s title ‘Game Over’, Ed created digital versions of each of the eight band members inside a virtual gaming world. “A lot of work went into making meshes of their faces from selfies, customising their avatars, instruments, clothes and sunglasses”, explained Ed. “I filmed myself miming all their moves – guitar, drums, sax, trumpet – so I could mocap their avatars into life. I love the old analog games, where you’re up against physics and gravity, making a little steel ball shoot up the rails and find the high score bumpers and bonuses. There’s some very convincing VR pinball games that tap into the exact same reflexes and timing. I can see a Black Seeds themed pinball game coming from all this.”

‘Game Over’ follows on the release of recent singles, ‘It’s So Real’, ‘Bring The Sun’ and last year’s  perfect summertime banger ‘Let The Sunshine Through’. The Blacks Seeds’ new album, LOVE & FIRE, is released Friday June 17 and features new single ‘Game Over’, alongside the already-released singles ‘It’s So Real’, ‘Bring The Sun’, and ‘Let The Sunshine Through’.

Long established as one of New Zealand’s finest bands and with a solid foothold in Europe and North America, The Black Seeds have carved out their reputation on the back of multi-platinum selling albums, and a masterful live show that has been filling dance floors across the globe for years. While firmly based in the island grooves that inspired the birth of the band over a decade ago, The Black Seeds’ sound casts a wide net, layering funk, soul, Afrobeat, and other eclectic elements over their dub/reggae foundations.

The Black Seeds released their debut album ‘Keep On Pushing’ in 2001, which despite a minimal marketing budget, went on to reach platinum sales in New Zealand. The second album, 2004’s ‘On The Sun’, added a heavy dose of funk and soul to their dub reggae sound. Third album ‘Into The Dojo’, signalled the beginning of the band’s introduction to the rest of the world. 2008’s follow up ‘Solid Ground’ and 2012’s ‘Dust And Dirt’ continued to build the band’s global following after they were successfully released through trailblazing North American label Easy Star Records. Easy Star subsequently re-released the entire catalogue from the band in North America.

Consistent touring throughout Europe, North and South America has led to over 60 million Spotify streams since 2015, and their tracks have found placements on cable classics ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Weeds’, as well on the big screen in movies like ‘Eight Below’ and ‘The Inbetweeners II’. 2017 saw the band continuing to push the boundaries of reggae with the release of their progressive 6th studio album ‘Fabric’, featuring new guitarist Ned Ngatae and Francis Harawira on bass. The album, which included the popular single ‘’Better Days’’, reached the #3 spot on the Billboard Reggae Charts & NZ Album Charts, number #3 on the UK & German iTunes Reggae Charts, and was described by Clash Magazine as “a broad, vastly creative return..matching low-end weight against some mature, soulful songwriting.”

Consistent touring throughout Europe, North and South America has led to over 60 million Spotify streams since 2015, as well as placings on the US Billboard Reggae chart, and the iTunes Reggae Charts in the United Kingdom and Germany. Their tracks have found placements on cable classics ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Weeds’, as well on the big screen in movies like ‘Eight Below’ and ‘The Inbetweeners II’. Highlights from two decades of international press have included The Huffington Post describing their sound as “thick, bottom-heavy, and melodic,” and Clash Music deeming them “one of the best live reggae acts on the planet”.

The Black Seeds new single ‘Game Over’ is out now – Stream/Watch ’Game Over’ Here. 

New Album ‘Love & Fire’ due on June 17 – Pre-order ‘Love & Fire Here.