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The Crowleys drops shimmering new single “Making Friendly”

The Crowleys

Ethereal tones, scintillating riffs and shimmering melodies. The Crowleys merge mind-bending psychedelic rock with bubblegum melodies that will blow your mind and have you dancing along impulsively. With the band back in Hamilton and looking ever towards the future, The Crowleys are prepared to release some of their best work. 

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New single, “Making Friendly,” is a natural progression in the direction the band has been transitioning sonically – a transition that was primarily sparked by the addition of Giuliana Frontini. The third release she has been involved with, “Making Friendly” began as an instrumental track performed at live shows – one they could never really nail down with a working vocal melody. Giuliana was able to tame the chaos, writing a melody that blended with the song perfectly. 

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