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The Jones brothers Victor Malloy & Lee Jones team up for an ode to cinema, the 70’s and Ennio Morricone for new label Mad As Hell Media.

Pablo/Dead Man EP by Lee Jones/Victor Malloy on MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF & ALAC  at Juno Download
artist Victor Malloy & Lee Jones
title Pablo / Dead Man
label Mad As Hell Media
date 11/12/2020
format Digital 
cat. # MASHM2

1. Pablo
2. Dead Man
3. Pablo (M.Rux Remix)

New label Mad As Hell Media will be the focus for new music by Lee Jones, as well as re-releases and new releases by his alias’s including MyMy and Hefner.

Meet the Jones brothers. At the turn of the millennium, producers Lee (Hefner) and Russell (Victor Malloy) were living and working closely together in London. Lee eventually moved to Berlin, where he founded the electronic band MyMy with Nick Höppner on Playhouse and became a resident at the Watergate club, spending the next decade focused on producing dance music. Russell founded a multi-sensory marketing agency; an experience which formed the basis of his recently published debut book, Sense.

The pair had collaborated on various projects for Russell’s clients, creating sonic identities for concept cars by Bentley and Aston Martin, but in 2020, between their London and Berlin studios, they embarked on a new musical voyage which updates their earlier cinematic, jazz infused sound.

Pablo and Dead Man are odes to the brothers’ shared love of cinema, the 70’s and Ennio Morricone. Their palette is richly defined by dulcimer, distorted organ, harpsichord, tremolo guitar, whistling, wailing waifs, Wurlitzer and Tijuana brass, all slouched casually over steady downtempo rhythms.

Berlin’s M.RUX is known for an artistic whimsy that sees him stray from tough beats to downtempo Balearic psychedelia and even leftfield soundscapes. This time he provides Pablo with a cheeky groove and new melodic elements which grin menacingly like an outlaw revealing his golden teeth.

Welcome to Mad As Hell.

I’m very happy to announce my new music label. We began by bringing back into circulation some records I made, or was involved with, over the past 25 years, followed by some exciting new music.

My brother Russell Jones produced two classic albums for the Inertia label in London in early 00s. He went under the pseudonym Victor Malloy. We lived together for a time, sharing ideas and samples. ‘The Musings of Monsieur Malloy’ is a grainy, post trip-hop ode to French cinema and cigarettes. On ‘Lions and Tigers and Bears’ he teamed up with singer/songwriter Kenny McCracken, played dozens of instruments, and created an album which defies description.

Russell focused mostly on his work in the world of sensory design and research over the past 20 years, and his first book, Sense, was published this summer. We have been working together on new material over the past year. The Pablo/Dead Man EP is coming soon, including a special remix by M.RUX.

Soon after leaving London for Berlin I formed My My with Berghain resident Nick Höppner, and we released the album ‘Songs for the Gentle’ on the Playhouse label. Available now with a singles collection to follow.

Back to 2020, during the first month of lockdown I found myself strangely focused and produced a downtempo/ambient album from my home studio in Kreuzberg. Lee Jones – Down Into Light will be followed by a remix EP.

And October sees the 20th anniversary of the release of ‘Residue’ by my old alter-ego Hefner. The nu-jazz, downtempo album featuring Josee will see a re-release followed by some rarities and new material…

I look forward to sharing more great music soon.

Lee Jones, Berlin 9/20