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The Rubens drop alt-pop banger ‘Muddy Evil Pain’

Unleash provocative alt-pop banger ‘Muddy Evil Pain’

Taken from new album ‘0202’ due 12th February 2021

The Rubens have gifted fans with ‘Muddy Evil Pain’, the final taste of their forthcoming album 0202 ahead of its release on Friday 12 February.


‘Muddy Evil Pain’ is an exciting final glimpse into 0202 – an album that sees the band in the driver’s seat, brimming with big ideas, clever production and their most assured sound to date. With 0202 the band have fully transformed into an alt-rock/pop powerhouse and self-produced an album that will have people re-evaluating what they thought they knew about The Rubens.

“’Muddy Evil Pain’ is a good indicator as to how we’ve grown as a band sonically. It’s essentially a folk-gospel song blended with heavily distorted pulsing synths, something we never would have considered doing on our first record but now comes naturally. It’s got so much energy, one we can’t wait to play live.”– The Rubens

Cementing their status as a band that continues to evolve as songwriters and push the boundaries of alternative rock/pop, new album 0202 – featuring hits ‘Live In Life’‘Time Of My Life’‘Heavy Weather’ & current single ‘Masterpiece’,– is a forward-thinking album for a backward year, and an exciting new chapter for The Rubens celebrating the five-piece at their creative peak.  

A huge testament to their unwavering talent and ability to constantly reinvent themselves,  0202 marks the start of yet another exciting chapter for the band.  “We’re so bloody proud of this album and the way we created it, and we can’t believe how lucky we are to have made it this far. Thanks to all our fans for being there, we can’t wait for you to hear this one!”
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