The Underachievers and Two Fresh release track produced by virtual being LV4

Hip Hop group The Underachievers and twin producer duo Two Fresh have teamed up for a collaboration with virtual artist LV4, ‘Harrison Ford’ out November 12th on Spirit Bomb, distributed by Los Angeles based record label Alpha Pup.

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Spirit Bomb is a virtual artist collective representing ‘Spirit’ AIs visiting from the not-so-distant dystopian future, sent back by prodigious child scientists to prevent the future destruction of humanity.  With knowledge of a potential looming apocalypse, the virtual beings must work collaboratively with humans to avert disaster, and set humanity on a peaceful and productive course.

On production duties for the track are the Nashville-bred, LA-based team Two Fresh, who have built a reputation for their undeniable ability to produce beats which blend bass-dominant hip hop and electric synths. Two Fresh are regarded as pioneers in the experimental music realm and have worked with the likes of Mac Miller, Vic Mensa, Towkio, Joey Purp, and Cherub.

Adding vocals to ‘Harrison Ford’ are NY based seasoned hip hop staples, The Underachievers, who have collabed with Flying LotusTalib Kweli & more. Their extensive catalogue includes releases on FlyLo’s Brainfeeder, and they’re also part of the supergroup Beast Coast with childhood friends Flatbush Zombies and Joey Bada$$.

LV4 alone has amassed a loyal following, with over 140k TikTok followers and previously collaborated with Mr. Carmack on ‘Run It’. He recently paid a visit to humans via debut live performance at The Shrine in Los Angeles opening up for Zed’s Deadsee video here.

Named after LV4’s virtual praying mantis, ‘Harrison Ford,’ serves as a prime example of the collaboration between virtual artists and humans. It marks the 4th release from a Spirit Bomb virtual artist, following previous releases with producers Mr. Carmack, Sweater Beats, Salva, Huxley Anne & Tsuruda. Spirit Bomb will continue to offer a platform for further collaboration from fans and artists alike.

Spirit Bomb was launched by Strangeloop Studios, the digital art studio that has designed the original tour content for The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus, Lizzo, SZA and more.  While SLS recognizes there will never be a replacement for the power of human performance, the creation of these virtual beings offer audiences something new, different, and exciting, functioning as unprecedented tools for an expression of human creativity.
Each virtual being is a vessel for creative collaboration between human artists. Rather than using artificial intelligence (AI) to bring virtual beings to life, Spirit Bomb creates the semblance of intelligence and autonomy for its characters through community participation.

While the current musical contributors are established artists, soon LV4’s fans will be able to shape his future, through creating and curating his music, and contributing to his narrative evolution. In fact, the music video for ‘Harrison Ford’ (dropping next week, Nov 18) was created in collaboration with members of Spirit Bomb’s community, who will each own a stake in the subsequent NFT drop.

This December, the incredible visual world of LV4 will come to life via another IRL appearance with a DJ set in Los Angeles. More info to come on this soon via

Bridging the gap between human and virtual worlds, LV4 shows no signs of being waylaid on his humanity-saving mission.

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