Theo Tams Shares Intense and Ominous Cover of Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight”

R&B and pop singer-songwriter Theo Tams is continuing his string of emotive cover releases with “In The Air Tonight,” a lush, lyric-forward interpretation of the Phil Collins‘ hit.

Working in collaboration with producer Marty MartinoTams created a vocal pad out of the song’s “I can feel it coming” line, ensconcing the ballad in rich harmonies which build towards its iconic drum fill.

Stream Theo Tams‘ haunting, piano-led cover of “In The Air Tonight” now:

For me, the personal attachment to this lyric runs deep. I recently ended a friendship with a really narcissistic individual and I had a really hard couple months where I was feeling really off and down about it all. I started listening to this track so differently, and I wanted my version to centre around the feeling of when you know something is off, but you find yourself making excuses for someone else’s red flags.