There are a series of Neon Jungle events arriving in the UK

Photos by @liamgoodyearphoto

Foreverland is a party like you have never even dreamt of before. One that snatches you from your reality and drops you deep into an alternative universe full of otherworldly colour, mind-altering visuals and, for the first time, a whole new world of smells to ensure you are utterly lost in the moment. After a year away planning their biggest and best series to date, Foreverland is now ready to come back with an earth-shattering bang and unveil an all-new, out of this world Neon Jungle theme at Studio 338 on Friday 27th August. More spectacular shows follow in Manchester’s Albert Hall and hotly tipped new Birmingham superclub Forum, as well as in Lincoln, Bristol, Leeds, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Leicester and, for the first time since March 2019, Glasgow.

In seven wildly entertaining years since launching in Bournemouth, Foreverland has gone on to throw its famously surrealist parties in 26 cities across seven countries. The brand has sold over 130,000 tickets (including two sold-out shows at Studio 338, where it soon returns) and has left a blazing trail in its wake. Those who have danced in Foreverland are never the same again. No longer will a standard club setting ever meet their expectations. Foreverland regulars demand more, and boy will they get it during this game-changing new season.

After a year spent upping its budget, researching the most cutting-edge technologies and dreaming bigger than ever, Foreverland is all set to raise the stakes once again. This new season is set to see venues cinematically transformed beyond all recognition under the spectacular Neon Jungle theme. Once you enter these fully animated club spaces, you will crane your neck at the gigantic installations, hang out beneath tropical palms and amongst the Day-Glo flora. As you dance by luminous rocks, neon flamingoes will watch on from lush green grasses as the giant disco balls dazzle your senses.

Says the Foreverland director, We’re putting a focus on the whole sensory experience, adding themed smells to the venues to differentiate Foreverland shows from all other experiences revelers might have had. We’re incorporating a lot more technology into the stage builds and SFX, using holographic projections, water pumps and moving levers to add motion to parts of the decor build.”

Musically, Foreverland brings cutting-edge sounds with lots of energy. House and bass-heavy tech define the soundtracks but with plenty of nuances along the way. Shows are hosted by Tyrone (MC) and Faris Rai will be working as a presenter, with James Hype, Low Steppa, Weiss, Secondcity, and Endor as headliners. Between them, these artists have huge recent successes with huge tunes on labels like Defected, Top 10 UK chart placings, millions of Spotify streams and counting, and DJ diaries that take in the likes of like Abode and Elrow. Each of them knows exactly how to bring the party. After a year locked up at home and unable to do so, you can be sure of a truly explosive musical celebration at each event.

The resident team features red hot rising UK talents who are all on the cusp of blowing up into headliners in their own right. They are AmyElle – whose recent tunes and radio hits  ‘Down With Me’, ‘Animal Kingdom’ and ‘Feel The Heat’ account for her huge surge in popularity. Tita Lau has served up some brilliant mash-ups on partner James Hype’s label Stereohype, while Ben Rainey does similar numbers and so, is also quickly rising through the ranks.

It’s been a long time coming, but Foreverland is finally ready to unleash a whole year’s hard work and welcome you back into a party paradise like you wouldn’t believe. Tickets always sell out, so don’t be left disappointed.