Theresa continues to reinvent the wheel of pop in empowering new single ‘Safe and Sound’

Theresa is an undeniable force on the modern pop scene. At 43 years old, Theresa is following her dreams of becoming a full-time recording artist and hit songwriter – sharing her story one song at a time. Pursuing this alongside her career in music for advertising, the challenges that face us all got in the way of her dreams of becoming a popstar at a younger age, and she has now realised that nothing can now stop her from trying her very hardest to make that climb to the top. 

Despite the unpredictable nature of the last three years, Theresa has been insanely productive during this time and has released 13 singles, gaining over 750K Spotify Streams, over 300K YouTube streams, as well as 2M streams in retail stores across the US. It is clear that her modern approach to pop music is hitting audiences locally and globally, and it seems like she is only just getting started.

On the back of her most recent single, “Move”, which was another all encompassing and instantaneously catchy track, Theresa returns in 2023 with the uplifting pop-woven gem ‘Safe and Sound’. 

Continuing to reinvent the wheel of pop, Theresa showcases time and time again that she has the songwriting ability to match up with the very best at the moment. In this empowering anthem, she shares her truth on pushing aside the internal and external dialogue as she follows her true passions later in life.

It is powerful but also melodically potent from Theresa, with the infectious vocal lines and lyrics that are ready to be sung along to, ‘Safe And Sound’ hits all the right notes.

She says “I had this yearning to break out of my comfort zone and to reimagine my life as an artist yet I had all of these responsibilities and commitments as a grown woman with a full time life. Both the song and my point of view as an artist have evolved over time and my confidence and determination have only gotten stronger. I hope the song will serve as an anthem to other people out there who want to take that unexpected leap of faith towards what they want and who they really want to be!”