Thit Lin ‘This Is Take One’ EP

Hailing from Denmark, Berlin-based singer-songwriter Thit Lin’s music is moving within the realm of indie dream pop. 

Thit Lin’s brand-new three-track extended-play, This Is Take One, features ‘In Love With a Stranger’, ‘Drama Queen’, and ‘Flipside’ capturing the quirky realities of life in playful melodies and lyrics. Her sound is a mashup between straightforward pop and soothing soundscapes.

The songs ‘In Love With A Stranger’, ‘Drama Queen’, and ‘Flipside’ represent soundtracks of different phases of her life – because for Thit Lin, life sometimes feels like a movie, which she enjoys studying ironically through her songs. It all starts in front of the piano; the instrument she used to cultivate her fascination with classical works and film music for many years.

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Koda, Danish Artist Union, and Danish Popular Auteurs, her music has already received a big stamp of approval from some of the most respected music and arts organisations in Denmark.

The EP’s opening track, ‘In Love With A Stranger’ is an uplifting song about falling in love with the idea of a stranger you’ve only texted with online. It’s about the naive hope that maybe this person will finally be “the one”, yet rationally knowing that’s very unlikely. The sanguine production features bass, drums, electric guitar, synth, synth-bells, and Thit Lin’s complementing vocals. The instrumentation choice paired with her emotive vocals abilities and storytelling will turn heads immediately.

‘Drama Queen’ is about trying to stay sane in a toxic friendship, where expectations don’t add up, and you feel like you’re walking on eggshells all the time. And when you’re trying to call out their behaviour to save the relationship, you’re only met with projected blame for being “dramatic”. There is an empowering sensation upon listening to the breezy and dreamy construction of ‘Drama Queen’. Featuring an engaging production including instruments of drums, bass, synth, (synth) bells, harp, hand percussion, and Thit Lin’s breathtaking vocals, the hard-hitting storytelling truly brings the song to life in a delicate yet powerful way.

And the final track, ‘Flipside’ is about having been isolated for a long time and finding joy deep diving into old memories and exploring the world in your mind instead. All within the comfort of your four walls. Featuring incredible production including instruments of drums, bass, synth, synth strings, synth bells, and electric guitar, Thit Lin’s musical abilities shine through on this particular track.

The songs are written, composed, and performed by Thit Lin.


In Love With A Stranger

Drama Queen


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