thom.ko ‘Take A Seat’

Photo credit: Sydney Cattouse

Los Angeles based indie artist, thom.ko releases his highly anticipated single ‘Take A Seat’. With over 100,000 monthly listeners and over 5,000,000 streams Thom has built an impressive listenership off the back of his previous releases such as ‘Confusion’ and ‘Now What’. 

‘Take A Seat’ is the last step before the release of his EP “Dimensions as Language” set to release later in the year. The overall theme and concept of the “Dimensions” project is to create a cohesive project that shines a light on the multidimensional nature of art in an industry that over the years continuously limits an artist’s formats suitable to screens. Here, thom.ko believes that art is immersive in manners of aesthetic and sonics while simultaneously creating an experience that is intimate and communal.

Taking influence from early 2000’s indie-rock and experimental hip/hop and R&B, thom.ko has created a rich, dynamic sound that is soft, warm and comforting reminiscent of artists like RAC, Odie, Goth Babe and BAYNK. 

Speaking about the release, he said “‘Take A Seat’ was born out of humility and written in a time of turbulence to help center myself. While motivation and self confidence can be useful, I find at times removing myself from the center of my world, and down from a pedestal of self importance, can help release some pressure I put on myself unintentionally. Take A Seat is essentially a reminder to sit down and focus on someone/something besides yourself. Take the time to admire something and learn from it what you can. This is where real progress towards happiness is made.”


thom.ko, the artistic project of Thomas Crowley, manifests itself in self-reflection, introspection, and a love for the obscure. Thom began diving into music creation in high school making beats on his phone during lunch. “There was never a specific moment I knew my future was going to be absorbed by making music, making music just slowly became an essential outlet for me, it became a part of who I am without me really even being aware,” he shares. “I’m glad it did though. Every landmark, milestone, memory is tied through it. I sacrificed personal relationships and experiences to keep pushing what seemed to be a revolving door at times. But looking back, I don’t know what else could’ve truly fulfilled that need to express myself in the way music did. ” After moving to L.A from the Pacific Northwest and surrounding himself with like minded creatives, he knew it was meant to be. 

 ‘Take A Seat’ is set for release on January 27th, 2023.