Thunderclap releases “The Littlest Monster”

Niagara Falls mutimedia performance artist THUNDERCLAP uses honesty and humility to develop an almost magical rapport with every audience he performs for. He’s recently released his 2nd LP Strange Songs For Strange Times featuring acclaimed ‘Coast to Coast AM’ radio host George Noory, it’s currently being played on over 50+ station across North America & the UK. And now, the artist is supporting his latest single, released just before Halloween – “The Littlest Monster”

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I wrote the nuts & bolts of this song on Halloween 5 years ago in the deep woods of Quebec with the celebrated writer Leigh Kotsilidis. On the fly I took some friends out last Halloween to guerrilla film a night of trick or treating knowing that I was going to release it the following year, sooo it was only 3 weeks ago that I finished the song, recorded a demo, edited the video, got my animator collaborator to do his part, recorded the final version (with Matt Keighan) and abracadabra!

But my most strategic tool for this particular project: a hard deadline, baby…

I toiled for the perfect lyrics although they came relatively fast. I wanted the song to give kids the type of willies that MJ’s Thriller gave me when I was a lad; as well as the spazzy fun of the Monster Mash & I feel I achieved that. It all turned out to have a vaudevillian feel which I didn’t plan for but certainly gives it its own finger print.

Aside from the song’s framework being based around one night alone with the Littlest Monster, we have to ask ourselves, what’s all this dressing up about? Where did it come from? Well, beyond the actual historical sources, we all just want to be someone else once in awhile, don’t we?! For all sorts of personal reasons – whether it be shallow or profound, we all have our reasons. So if only for one night, for most it’s Halloween night, lets be someone else. ”

– Quote from THUNDERCLAP

“The Littlest Monster” may be a Halloween song (and a perfect one, to boot!), but it’s an enjoyable song any time, any season. Dramatic and infectious, with spooky elements sure to tantalize listeners. 


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