Tiiva shares liberating new single ‘Losing U’

Artwork by: Liing Heaney

Today TIIVA shares their latest single ‘Losing U’

Listen HERE

Reflective and weightless, ‘Losing u’ is the liberating new cut from Tiiva that will leave you ready to dig deep and look forward. The rising artist and producer has honed a unique sound that is there to guide you through the dark times and see you soar through the good. 

Tiiva explains more about their honest new cut ‘Losing u’; 

Losing u is about loss and identity in queer relationships, the cracks and flaws that we see in ourselves being drawn out and exposed under the light of vulnerability. I wrote this in a small dark room late at night, a stream of self uncovering and cigarettes when everything felt hopeless, it’s always hard to say the words when there’s the chaos of change and perpetual recovery that we hope will come in time. I wrote this about hope and hopelessness, an honest letter with my pride on the floor.

Since their launch, artist and producer Tiiva has made a name for themself with their recipe of reflective lyricism, pop euphoria and weightless production. Writing songs with humbling transparency, Tiiva’s fearless approach to music has resonated with many, already scooping support from the likes of Clash, Them., The Line of Best Fit, Wonderland and many more. 

Tiiva takes inspiration from Charli XCX, fka twigs, James Blake and other artists who choose to stray outside the lines in pursuit of their art. With an undeniable skill for courageous storytelling, through both their lyrics and sonic choices Tiiva continues to thrive as they push on with the construction of their multifaceted, abstract pop world. 

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