Toronto indie/pop band Jiants makes it “Real Easy” to start your new life

Jiants is a three piece indie/pop band from Toronto led by the songwriting of ex-professional skateboarder Jesse Landen. Jiants performs a unique blend of nostalgic sounding low-fi indie pop songs complete with great hooks and soaring leads. The band has just finished their fourth album, Tall Tales. The record was engineered and produced by Gavin Gardiner and is set to be released late 2023.

Listen “Real Easy” :

Watch the music video which was shot on 16mm colour film on a farm in Caledon here:

Real Easy” is about learning to be comfortable alone, making time to heal before you attempt to move into a new phase of yourself. Living your true self is extremely difficult and it’s something that usually takes many attempts. This song is for the first morning you wake up after deciding “your new life starts today” for the third time this week and choosing to just keep trying instead of beating yourself up about it.