Toronto Singer-Songwriter Chris Grey Releases “I Should Be Happy”

Toronto singer, songwriter, and producer Chris Grey releases the emotional genre-blending track “I Should Be Happy” (Listen HERE). Continuously transcending genres with his knack for fusing pop melodics and R&B elements, Chris Grey’s newest release is one that highlights his deft touch as a producer while also demonstrating his ability as a captivating songwriter that embraces his own unique sound. 


With its thrumming hook paired with Chris Grey’s velvety-smooth falsetto vocals, “I Should Be Happy” is equal parts emotive and introspective. It serves as an honest insight into the mind of Chris Grey as songwriter who completely immerses himself in the theme and message behind the song through his detailed and descriptive lyrics. “I Should Be Happy” is about the internal struggle of feeling guilty for not feeling good, even when things are going well,” Grey states, when asked about the inspiration behind the song. “I was just starting to see someone and everything was going well but for some reason, I just didn’t feel as good as I thought I should. I was overthinking everything so much I couldn’t even stop to enjoy things. I think this song is in some ways even more relevant now as life returns to normal, which as much as we’ve all been looking forward to, can also come with a lot of anxiety.”

The music video for the song further showcases Grey’s creative touch as an artist who not only prides himself on his dedication to his music, but also flexes his creative direction and photography skills. Shot in one take, the theatrical video features Chris Grey existing in a multitude of situations and feeling as if life is quickly passing him by as if he’s just merely existing rather than living due to the disconnect between feeling like he should be happy instead of just simply feeling it. 

After being born to two music-loving parents both born in Kingston — one in the capital of Jamaica, the other in the Ontario city — Chris Grey didn’t just fall into music: he completely immersed himself in it. Growing up with timeless R&B records paired with the infectious & euphoric iconic old-school pop records, it’s only natural that his own sound is a juxtaposed blend of the two. Now, following his debut EP “The Beginning” in 2018 and its follow-up “Falling Apart” in 2020, Chris Grey is exploring even more musical possibilities and heavier themes while still staying true to who he is as a natural storyteller through his lyrics. In addition to his own thriving music career, Chris Grey has collaborated with a number of esteemed artists, including having produced 2 tracks on the JUNO-nominated album New Mania by hip-hop duo 88GLAM.

Exploring heavy themes and embodying a moody and slinking production with a frantic-yet-euphonic sound, “I Should Be Happy” reveals the growth of Chris Grey as a singer, songwriter, and producer, while also solidifying himself as a clear talent to keep your eye on. 

About Chris Grey
Creative wunderkind Chris Grey has lent his talents to a wide array of high-profile artists, including a pair of tracks on hip-hop duo 88GLAM’s JUNO-nominated album New Mania. The prolific 19-year-old has been honing his production skills since the age of 11, leading to an enviable list of credits and millions of streams from the producer’s chair. But most recently, Grey has been dropping tracks under his own name, combining years of collaboration, experimentation, and success into a compelling and innovative sound of his own. Both of Grey’s parents were born in Kingston – his father in the Jamaican capital and mother the historic Canadian city – and their respective cultural backgrounds cohere seamlessly in Grey’s work. “My sound really stems from those two worlds,” he says, referencing the reggae, R&B, and disco records his father, a famous DJ in his homeland, would constantly spin, along with the Canadian pop and rock staples favoured by his mom. 

The Toronto-based singer, songwriter, producer, director, photographer, and myriad of other things boasts a mastery of modern R&B and pop, effortlessly weaving fragments of different styles and scenes into an eerie, intense, and totally captivating take on the Toronto Sound showcasing his unforgettable voice loaded with intensity and urgency – not to mention a signature falsetto that enhances his emotional impact.

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