Trail-blazing R&B artist Seyblu shares her brave journey inward on “Honest”

Hailing from a quaint Canadian town, Seyblu emerges as a remarkably talented jazz vocalist who fuses jazz and R&B into her songwriting. Seyblu’s natural charisma shines through her captivating vocals, distinctive fashion sense and electrifying live shows. Seamlessly blending mesmerizing jazz chords, heartfelt songwriting, and ethereal vocals, Seyblu has crafted a fresh and bold R&B sound that is undeniably hers.

On “Honest” Seyblu’s exemplar R&B stylings shine through in an ode to looking inside yourself. The track is a dynamic rhythmic offering while still keeping an alluring slow and smokey burn that builds in accompaniment of the raw and emotive lyrics. 

Listen here:

“I think being honest with ourselves is difficult. It means re-living difficult things, especially if no one is asking you to. But life is too short to waste it on playing a “part””

Watch the music video she released today: