Tristan Rene Debuts with “Light Up Garden”

Tristan Rene is a sonic whisperer, a conjurer of ethereal melodies grasped from the collective consciousness, brought forth in a singular voice that’s at once reverent and deeply resonant.  

His voice is of the world, channeled through his family’s vast origins. Born in Montana to a Jewish West Indian mother and a Mallorcan father, he was raised in Washington D.C. before making his way to Montreal, where he was drawn to the city’s poetic energy and gothic aesthetic.

Light Up Garden” was born from a guitar melody one summer ago in Mallorca. Tristan was sitting on the terrace of his father’s house, singing and playing guitar without any real intent. Lo and behold, the rest of the song came to him when he was alone again in Montreal. “Loneliness is the truth behind my music,” Tristan affirms. 

take a listen to “Light Up Garden

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