Tyrin ‘What It Feels Like’

Rising indie pop sensation Tyrin is gearing up to drop his new track, “What It Feels Like,” on August 25th, 2023. With a blend of pop-punk and hip-hop influences, Tyrin’s unique sound and thought-provoking lyrics have garnered attention in music lovers around the world – including a notable feature piece from Clash magazine for recent release ‘So Long’.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Tyrin has consistently pushed creative boundaries throughout his musical journey. His genreless approach to composition draws from the earlier days of pop-punk and hip-hop, resulting in a captivating and innovative sound. Having started his musical venture in 2010, Tyrin initially explored the realm of rap, driven by the expectations of others. However, as his artistic identity matured, his influences converged, leading him to collaborate with his band and craft a truly distinctive musical landscape.

“What It Feels Like” captures a joyful yet hesitant emotion, evoking the sensation of love and uncertainty. The track’s bouncy, happy-go-lucky vibe is coupled with introspective lyrics that mirror the uncertainty of understanding love. 

Tyrin shared, “I remember that day really wanting to write something that had a joyful feeling to it but at the same time have that joyfulness seem a little hesitant. I knew I wanted the music to have the bouncy happy-go-lucky vibe to it and the lyrics feel like ‘I think this is love but I don’t know if this is love.'”

The track features a fusion of instruments, including guitar, drums, synths, and bass guitar, all contributing to the distinct indie pop sound that Tyrin has perfected. With its laid-back and happy mood, “What It Feels Like” is reminiscent of the artist’s diverse musical influences.