U.S. four-piece alternative pop-rock band Von Tagen releases their latest single, “Colorado”

U.S. four-piece alternative pop-rock band Von Tagen releases their latest single, “Colorado.” Hailing from Nashville, the band is comprised of four brothers: Tyler on guitar, Jordan on bass, Derick on keys, and Mikey on drums. Von Tagen has crafted a unique sound that takes cues from contemporary pop and rock genres, bursting with inventive melodies and resonant lyrics.

Their latest single, “Colorado,” focuses on the tough reality of long-distance love. The song captures the mix of longing and difficulty that comes with being miles apart. Interestingly, life imitated art for bassist Jordan, who started a long-distance relationship with a girl from Colorado after the song was made. Fueled by its engaging melodies and heartfelt lyrics, the band is incredibly excited for how “Colorado” sounds and can’t wait for its release.

Von Tagen explains the meaning behind the track further, stating, “The song expresses the hope for a lasting connection while acknowledging the inherent difficulties and pains that come with maintaining a love that spans miles. ‘Colorado’ stands as a testament to the unpredictable ways in which life can mirror art.”

Having released music since 2018, Von Tagen has steadily grown their fanbase, amassing over 100,000 streams across Spotify alone. Throughout 2023, Von Tagen has released a slew of singles, with even more in the pipeline and an EP on the horizon. The four-piece is showing no signs of slowing down, gaining attention throughout their local music scene and across the wider music industry. Von Tagen looks to the future with lofty goals of becoming the next household name in the music industry.

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