Una Rose shares deliicate and ethereal single “In The Garden Digging” off new EP

The solo project of Una Rose (Rosie) Long Decter from Montreal shoegaze duo Bodywash, her EP, Myth Between (out November 4th), finds her trading walls of sound for delicate synths, crystalline vocals and deft lyricism. Far from an exercise in apathy, the EP probes the ineffable—the way feelings circulate and stick, laughter builds and dies—seeking hope in passing impressions.

Stream the full 6 track EP, “Myth Between”:

The wistful new single, “In The Garden Digging” is a comparison between gardening, writing, and loving someone, or missing someone. What they all have in common is creativity: in gardening, writing, and loving, you’re creating something that exists outside yourself. 

It was inspired by Una’s mother, who took up gardening as a hobby over the recent years, much to Una’s surprise. The song juxtaposes scenes of her mother’s calm and cathartic gardening with Una’s bad habits: sleeping with the TV on, wondering where a friend went. Stasis and restlessness. The end imagines a future dinner with her mom in her backyard. She pours me a drink and tells me about what she’s been working on, a story gathering in the ground.

Myth Between was co-produced by electronic musician Yoon Rachel Nam, and Bodywash bandmate Chris Steward plays guitar on two of the tracks. The EP is about the ineffable and intangible – the feelings that build and circulate in a relationship, the timbre of a painting on the wall, the way laughter catches on like a good song.