Under the Reefs Orchestra fuse jazz and rock on epic ‘Heliodrome’

Under the Reefs Orchestra

New album due September 2022 via Capitane Records

Belgian experimental collective Under the Reefs Orchestra return with a brand new release ‘Heliodrome’, lifted from the band’s forthcoming album due this September through Capitane Records. 

A genre bending space rock oddity, peppered with jazz and kraut rock influences, ‘Heliodrome’ once again places the band firmly at the forefront of the alternative rock scene.

The band say: “‘With a repetition that borders on obsession, ‘Heliodrome’ opens our new album Sakurajima and is carried by the haunting guitar work and builds upon the common theme of a syncopated riff and subterranean saxophone blasts. Midway through the track, the sax raises its head and Heliodrome takes off in a jolting symbiosis as this blistering trio finds its groove. The persistent musical theme of the track finds itself at the finish still intact, though perhaps battered from the tumult. But such is life”.

‘Heliodrome’ is accompanied by a spectacular live session shot on a rooftop in Brussels. Under The Reefs Orchestra perform an incandescent versions of ‘Ants along side ‘Heliodrome. Directed by Kevin Antoine and François Dubois. Served by a beautiful light, the session shows all the power of performance of an extraordinary group.

Under The Reefs Orchestra’s second album will be released on September 23 on Capitane Records.

About Under The Reefs Orchestra

Under the Reefs Orchestra is a volcanic power trio that navigates between hypnotic post rock and stormy jazz. Grasping for the infinite and always threatening total combustion, their music finds its cruising speed in the storm of permanent upheaval.

Based in Brussels and led by guitarist Clément Nourry, the group also includes saxophonist Marti Melia and drummer Jakob Warmenbol, both of them members of the punk jazz band Don Kapot. These three musicians have worked extensively throughout the kenetic Brussels music scene, and bring their unique individual voices together in an improvised and free form style. Under the Reefs Orchestra is following up their eponymous 2020 debut album with Sakurajima, an album which evokes images and textures that are both apocalyptic and divine and echoes the contemporary chaos that surrounds us all. But neither is their music ‘commentary’, and its instrumental quality functions equally as an escape. Heliodrome is led by the guitar work of Clément Nourry while also allowing generous space for the dynamic saxophone work of Marti Melia, and is as much 19th century chamber music as it is Jim O’Rourke, Soundgarden, King Crimson, or Morphine. The immediacy of Under the Reefs Orcheatra’s music allows the listener to freely seize a profusion of moods and states of being. 

Heliodrome / 23 Aug