UraelB collabs with Mick Jenkins on dreamy alt hip-hop track ‘Moonlight’

UraelB (pronounced You-Rell-Bey) is the example of an artist who has achieved a lot more than many do in a lifetime. Beginning his pursuit of music at just the age of 17, he started releasing records and implementing his already hook-filled brand of rap and poetry into his style. Many successes followed, including the release of his debut album ‘DemiGod’ in 2020 and an appearance on hit TV show Dancing With Stars, working alongside hip-hop icon Nelly.

Going from strength to strength, the Los Angeles rapper then collaborated with the likes of Brianna Knight, Mick Jenkins and world renowned trumpeter Dontae Wislow, further highlighting UraelB’s limitless potential as an artist to relate to and invest in.

In the vein of Mac Miller, UraelB blends nuances of fresh hip-hop and funk together to create a highly strung, rhythmic and feel-good offering that people will connect with instantly. On the back of the success of his recent EP with the stunning lead single ‘Groovy (Live)’ featuring in the likes of Hype Magazine and more, he now returns with another collaboration track, with the brilliant and renowned rapper Mick Jenkins in ‘Moonlight’. 

A song that is more in the easy listening branch of hip-hop, Urael and Mick work in harmony with one another throughout in this dreamy, infectious sonic vibe with introspective lyrics. Each verse cuts into a deep train of thought for both artists but is glued together by a succinct and potent chorus that sticks.

Created with good friend and producer Bobby beats, who created a beautiful sounding loop, Urael just had to create and write something on top of it, thus ‘Moonlight’ being born. UraelB then reached out to Mick to feature on it and his reply was “I’ve been waiting on something like this, I’m glad you sent this bro. I’m about to spaz.”

Mick then brings his individual rapping flow that has seen him become one of the most prominent rappers around, making his name for his ever resonating and unflinching approach to poeticism and music as a whole.

For fans of Kota The Friend, Duckwrth and Tobi Lou, ‘Moonlight’ is a fun-filled sunshine dosage of alternative hip-hop that is a joy to listen to, from this rising rapper and multifaceted artist who is continuing to make his mark on the scene, with some of the biggest and best around already following suit.