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SIGN, who have partnered with mental health charity We Are Hummingbird, protects against dehydration, tiredness and fatigue as well as supporting the immune system and cognitive brain function.

Abbie Leek, founder of SIGN, was enjoying herself with some friends at a beach bar in Ibiza in 2017 when she realised just how little the bars and cafes had on offer in the way of uplifting refreshments that replenish the body’s lost salts and nutrients.

After making this observation Abbie researched ways to restore the body and mind when feeling dehydrated and fatigued. This led her to find Ayurvedic medicine (referred to the building blocks of life) where she came across a recipe called Sole (a salt water solution). She knew with a little adaptation she could use this ancient remedy as the base for her innovative drink.

Abbie envisioned SIGN, a delicious drink packed with nutrients and vitamins such as B6, B12 and Magnesium made from the purest of ingredients – orange and lemon juice (not from concentrate, Organic Palmyra Blossom nectar (a natural sugar) and Himalayan rock salt. 

SIGN launched their 250ml slimline last summer and began promoting wellbeing and balance at some of the biggest international festivals, including Lost Village in the UK, the International Music Summit in Ibiza and Nova Batida festival in Lisbon.

And now to cater to everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic they are happy to announce the launch of their online shop:

In the current state of lockdown, Abbie and her team are focused on health and wellbeing for people all over the country and are proud to offer a healthier and more nourishing alternative, whilst in the comfort of their own homes. 

The team at Sign are also passionate about mental health support for people in the music scene and beyond. This is why they have partnered with ‘We are Hummingbird’ a charity that provides mental health first aid info, support and prevention. Sign has committed to donating 5% of its profits towards this charity.


Protects against dehydration

Boosts the immune system

Supports cognitive brain function

Prevents tiredness and fatigue

Reduces stress hormones

Supports nerve function

Maintains healthy metabolism

‘We are really excited to be joining forces and partnering up with Sign. It’s important that people are given the right aids to look after themselves whilst out at clubs and festivals and beyond. Sign Protects against the effects of dehydration and offers vitamins to protect mental health. This is a great solution to a big problem.’ – Ian Hurst (We Are Hummingbird)

‘Delivering goodness directly to people’s doors is wonderful. I love that Sign is making a difference during this time by providing some uplifting nourishment. I am excited about connecting with people within hospitality and events to put into place healthier alternatives for when the doors open. Health and wellbeing for the masses should now be a prerogative.’ – Abbie Leek (Sign Founder)