Venture Bros. Creator Doc Hammer & Frontwoman Ivy Jaff Join Forces to Create New Band, Pageant Girls

Pageant Girls – a new project featuring Ivy Jaff (vocals), Megan X Thomas (bass), Alex Rochinski (drums) and Venture Bros. creator Doc Hammer (guitar) – will release their debut full-length, 1ston November 12. Alongside the announcement of the LP, Pageant Girls have released their first single, “Fair Game” – PRESS HERE to listen.

With a driving bass line and guitars that romance the room, Ivy explains that “Fair Game” is “a bittersweet song for the ages about how love just isn’t enough.” Ivy continues, “When I was a kid, I hated The Smashing Pumpkins because everyone liked them and I wanted to be a contrarian. Then, I grew up and realized they were actually good. Yeah, ‘Fair Game’ sounds like that.”
Pageant Girls is the result of a conversation between two tender misfits, Ivy and Doc, both outliers in their own way, sitting in a tiny New York apartment talking about everything they love and everything they hate about music.

It’s a familiar scene: Doc insists New York needs a band that just delivers these anthemic songs and sounds like it has always been there.

Ivy’s eyes widen with excitement, agreeing while challenging that people have an aversion to anything that is unapologetically good, reinforcing how it freaks people out. Doc chimes in, swooning with the delirium of being understood, his focus on how people would question “Who do these people think they are with their good songs? People would hate it,” he declares. 

Laughing, Ivy exclaims, “I want to be hated!” 
Doc, of course, agrees, “I want that too!”  

And so, with minor keys, thunderous guitars and near orchestral soundscapes in tow, Pageant Girls are a unique addition to the current music scene. Completely unconcerned with being popular here, the New York-based foursome has opted to focus on becoming the biggest pop band in the alternative dimension where David Bowie and his bride, Bryan Ferry, gave birth to a metal band that listened to The Smiths 

Pageant Girls are inspired by truth, authenticity, and their love of the music they were raised on like Adam Ant, David Bowie, Bryan Ferry, and late 90’s to early 2000’s alt-rock. Despite their inspirations, their sound is exclusively their own. The anthemic sincerity and emotional color-space of their sound makes them an uncommon and refreshing addition to the current music scene.