viisi ‘Autophobia Episode I’

The new EP Episode I: Autophobia from Los Angeles based genre-defying artist viisi. An abstract thinker, viisi demonstrates his ability to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible by pairing his melancholy pop duet “chasing ghosts” with hypersonic hip-hop anthem “na na na”.

viisi’s opening song “chasing ghosts” features singer-songwriter Chelsea Collins. Over spectral reverbs and ethereal echoes, viisi and Collins cultivate a haunting vocal wonderland that explores themes of love, loss, and letting go. He follows “chasing ghosts” with his electric-twinged rap anthem “na na na”. This is viisi’s moment to step forward and stand his ground as a multidimensional artist and versatile wordsmith. Over tidal waves of percussion and swift sonics, viisi warns other rappers of his immense ambitions. 

viisi’s EP Episode I: Autophobia dives deep into his core memories, exploring his innermost emotions. By pairing these diverse tracks together, viisi showcases himself as an artist to watch. viisi has received acclaim from Earmilk, Notion, and Sweety High to name a few.

Listen to Episode I: Autophobia

Good things come in fives. Dropping his first rough cut as a high school freshman when he was just fourteen, Matthew Borley, couldn’t have known that five years later he’d be touring Europe, playing packed-out shows in the South of France.

Initially sparked by his father during his teenage years, he was Introduced to select verses from ‘90s hip hop pioneers and most controversial rapper of his time, Eminem, Matthew was profoundly impacted by his connection to Hip Hops cutting and unapologetic persona. Being put on the likes of Eminem, while most of Em’s lyrics were PG-13 at best, his father was careful to only show his son lines that connect at a deeper level from cuts like classic “Stan”. Not satisfied with only hearing bits and pieces, viisi did what any typical adolescent would do: he snuck out an old laptop and dove deep down the hip hop rabbit hole. Eminem led to Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre to Tupac. Tupac to Biggie. Soon enough, Matthew’s obsession provided an escape that quickly evolved and made way for viisi.

Based on the Finnish word for “five”, viisi represents past, present, and future. viisi returns to push the boundaries of what it means to be an artist in his upcoming ‘Liiminal’ series. Through his powerful and raw storytelling, his music transcends across unique and universal human experiences that have shaped him as an artist and individual. With a lyrical honesty and unwavering dedication to his craft, viisi is unafraid to delve into his personal experiences such as family struggles, fallouts with loved ones, career choices, failing, self-worth and more. Writing prose with messages of life and dreams and of merit and substance, his visceral approach to the story of his evolution will surely leave fans moved and stunned.