VIRTUALDJ 2023 with Stems 2.0 takes it to the next level

VirtualDJ has released the latest version of its flagship software with an upgrade of its stem separation engine that promises “studio-like quality”.

The AI-powered stem separation function first launched in 2020 and allows users to separate stems from tracks in real-time, which means you can fade out, mute and solo vocals, basslines, drums, instruments and more from a fully mixed down track, without having access to the individual parts. 

Based on AI and deep neural networks machine learning, VirtualDJ 2023 promises to take its Stems 2.0 function even further with an “unrivalled new engine that now achieves a truly revolutionary stem separation that is almost indistinguishable from author-made multi-tracks” and “incredible clarity on acapellas”. 

VirtualDJ is a free software for non-commercial use, and costs $19/month for professionals. It can be downloaded for free from here.