Vitamin String Quartet Releases Classical Version of Adele’s ‘Easy On Me’, Announces New Album Vitamin String Quartet Performs the Hits of 2021, Vol.2

Vitamin String Quartet is bringing a new level of emotion in their latest song and music video for Adele’s “Easy On Me.” The quartet known for their heartfelt string renditions of popular songs is adding to their collection of Adele covers, which started in 2011 with their album “VSQ Performs Adele.” The tear-jerking video captures the ballad’s devastating beauty through contemporary dance and an emotional string performance.

Watch the video here:

Vitamin String Quartet’s Leah Zeger, Violin 1 on both the song & video, comments “It was an honor for me to record VSQ’s incredible arrangement of Adele’s Easy on Me and be part of this video. It was a bit surreal having just had the pleasure of playing this song with Adele at the Griffith Observatory concert. She is a sensational performer, and Easy on Me is a song for the ages. I don’t feel biased in saying that VSQ’s rendition of the song perfectly captures what she was experiencing when she wrote it.” 

Vitamin String Quartet will be releasing their new album, Vitamin String Quartet Performs The Hits of 2021, Vol. 2, later this month. 

Vitamin String Quartet has been transcending the boundaries of classical music for quite some time, creating a new generation of classical music fans with their instrumental covers of popular songs. As 2020 was coming to a close, the Bridgerton phenomenon was just beginning. The Netflix original produced by Shondra Rhimes found a unique way to seamlessly incorporate today’s popular music within its 19th century world. Vitamin String Quartet’s versions of Ariana Grande “thank u, next”, Maroon 5 “Girls Like You”, Shawn Mendes “In My Blood” and Billie Eilish “bad guy” are just a few of the songs given the quartet’s classical touch that fans fell in love with throughout the season. The best kept secret and decades-long fan favorite of music aficionados, students, and brides-to-be have seen their place in pop culture history grow exponentially, hitting such milestones as 285% increase in YouTube views, approaching 600k followers on Spotify, topping 1.7M monthly listeners, and a projection to reach 2 billion lifetime streams in the next 12 months.