Vlog Squad’s Toddy Smith Releases “Unmotivated”, Featuring Vlog Squad Member/Comedian Jason Nash

Vlog Squad’s Toddy Smith, “Unmotivated”. The new video features fellow Vlog Squad member and comedian Jason Nash. A date day meant for Natalie turns into a day of activities with Jason as no one else from the squad was available. Ice cream, the beach, choreographed dances — all in this one video!

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More info on Toddy Smith:

Toddy Smith is a digital personality and author, most known as a member of YouTube’s Vlog Squad. In 2019, he released a book of short stories, poems and etc titled “I’ll Give You A Dollar if You Consider This Art” before going on a world tour playing keys with his best friend and recording artist, Scotty Sire. Accordingly, his passion for music resulted in an early 2020 viral hit record “Natalina”, a nod to his audience’s obsession with his love life. Most recently, Todd has spun-off his mockumentary-style YouTube “Diaries” series into a short form IGTV scripted series titled “Quarantine Diaries.” With more acting, more content, more writing and more music on the horizon, Todd is only beginning to make his mark on the industry.