VNSSA & Lenny Kiser Evoke Classic Rave Feel in ‘Sinking’ on DIRTYBIRD


DIRTYBIRD continues its outside-the-box trek today with the arrival of ‘Sinking,’ 2 track EP by VNSSA and Lenny Kiser that reinvigorates the sounds of Rave’s heyday. It begins with a trip to the afterhours, where a smooth bassline glides over a road of thick percussion—set beneath a sky of filtered synth bursts and VNSSA’s own hypnotic vocals. The beat gets broken in “Cue The Rhythm,” where quirky whistle effects and a simple, yet earworm of a melody join with a gritty low-end in a warm embrace. The EP as a whole gives off a classic feel, yet is seated firmly in modern sound design. 


‘Sinking’ marks the first collaboration between VNSSA & Lenny, who became quick friends upon crossing paths, and is a continuation of the left-of-center stylings that both have been experimenting of late. They each have built strong reputations in the house sphere, with VNSSA having topped the Beatport chart with Walker & Royce, released on Diplo’s Higher Ground, and has played in renowned venues from California to New York—in addition to numerous releases on DIRTYBIRD. Lenny Kiser is also a familiar face to the flock, having played Dirtybird Campout West in addition to remixing for Justin Martin’s ‘Hello Clouds.’ Kiser’s music has earned plays from Chris Lake, Tchami, and more. 

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