W7lF ‘Diablas Addictions’

Mohammed ‘W7lf Zidan is a multifaceted rapper and songwriter, with a universal upbringing and stature. Born in the city of Sirte in Libya, he now resides in the beautiful city of Perth, Australia. With a multicultural approach to his craft from the beginning, W7lf wanted to channel the energy from his home country, as well as the different environments surrounding him growing up. The result is something hugely potent and also profound, blending styles of traditional hip-hop aligned with jazz, funk and neo-soul music, forming a sound that transcends beyond the norm. 


Following the success of previous NOTION featured ‘Nana’s Song’, W7lf returns with the deeply resonating and powerfully cryptic new single ‘Diablas Addictions’. A haunting delivery from the young troubadour sets the scene immediately, with a sampled backing track which sits as a constant throughout the track. It has a sinister tone to it but with the airy hip-hop vibe that W7lf has so seamlessly created, he then goes back to his signature roots with his synonymous vocals and lyricism.

A song all about the devil himself and the portraying effect it can have on people and their emotions, W7lf explores this ulterior reality with such a passion and conviction that is true to see. There are definitely elements of the great Eminem in his voice, and that is only testament to W7lf’s ethic and desire to go above and beyond with his craft.

The messaging runs clear and the track itself is a dark, hypnotic hip-hop infused song that delves deep into the mind of this inspiring and innovative artist. ‘Diablas Addictions’ is a statement record from W7lf, who is only destined for bigger and better things.