Watch JONAH’s cinematic video for “Running Away”

Photo Credits: Bastian Kempf

There are moments in life after which nothing is the same again – JONAH’s new single “Running Away” is about such a turning point, a moment that turns everything upside down and the emotions that come with it.

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With floating dreamy voices, softly struck guitars and warm synth pads, JONAH trigger melancholic feelings on their new single “Running Away”, which stops the world for a few seconds, and when the world starts spinning again, nothing’s the same anymore. Exactly such a turning point in life, JONAH know how to put those kinds of moments in words and accompany them with an emotionally charged melody. A feeling of powerlessness, sadness and bewilderment then creates space in the sprawling production, while the vocals drift towards the horizon via stylishly used auto tunes and finally leave them behind. Music that recognises the pain and fear of the uncertain future as a special form of liberation – both personally and musically.

The song and the accompanying music video were created during her stay in Los Angeles. When the two musicians missed their return flight to Berlin by just a few minutes, they took that as a sign and decided to extend their stay in California. They used the extended time in the Sunshine State intensively to work on ideas and song sketches for their new album.