WATCH: Kédu Carlö Share Kick Ass Video For ‘Lets Get To It’

Rising NZ electronic music producer/songwriter duo  Kédu Carlö share the kick ass video for their previously released single ‘Lets Get To It’  – Watch ‘Lets get To It’ video Here.

The cinematic video directed by rising NZ photographer and video director Oscar Keys takes us to the dark underbelly of a strip club capturing hustle life. Perfectly depicting the track’s monologue from vocalist Elizaveta playing an ambiguous character who lures you in with her sensual voice but also leaves you questioning whether you should trust her. 

Talking about the video Kédu Carlö says: “Liza, the vocalist and lead actress in the music video, slips a crusty old perv her number. He thinks she’s an escort so he calls to invite her over. She shows up with her sidekicks (aka Kédu Carlö) and they pretend to indulge his desires. All of it was a scam to steal his stash of money. We kill him and take our newly-acquired cash straight to the strip club and spend it on the girls. We had access to shoot in the strip club because a couple of the crew worked there. Such a treat to spend three days to capture the perfect vibe for the story and song”.

Diving deeper into the songwriting and production of the track the duo explains: “This was the title track off of our first EP. Let’s Get To It explores the concept of duality. We play with this through the songwriting with some moments feeling soft, intimate and sensual and others turning to a tone which is more aggressive, driving and grungy. The final drop signifies all this tension coming to a final release which is full of drama, chaos and intensity”.

The video follows on the recent release of the playful 90’s rave and acid house influenced cut Coochie’, and their ‘Alien Fempire’ EP, out on EMK, the electronic music platform launched by Kartel Music Group. Stream ‘Alien Fempire’ EP  Here. ‘Alien Fempire’ perfectly showcased the duo’s future-facing club sound. 

Talking about their collaborative production process, the duo says: “Our production process is very collaborative, and goes back and forth a lot with Carly adding percussion elements and Jess adding melodic until the track is at a point where we can start thinking about vocals. Our monologues are always written together and are usually an amalgamation of things said over a conversation. We try to include as much humour and personality in them as we can, building a unique and captivating persona”.

Kédu Carlö is the moniker of New Zealand based electronic producers, multi instrumentalists and songwriters Jess Penson and Carly Gill. With Jess on vocals and synths, Carly on drums and percussion, the duo crafts intricate electronic music with nods to Chicago house, acid, techno, electro and breaks. Their constantly evolving live set-up features an array of gear – from analogue synths to drum machines and sequencers, acoustic drums, Ableton and CDJs – the two long term friends have already made a name for themselves with their Ableton Live production tutorials publications such as Attack Magazine. Punching into the NZ scene as tastemakers and one-to-watch creatives, their melodic experimentation and irreverent lyricism have firmly established them as one of the most sought after live electronic music acts. 

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