What Is the Best Time and Day To Play Online Slots?

What Is the Best Time and Day To Play Online Slots?

The opinions as to when are the right time to play online slots are many. Some gamers believe that online slots can be played at any time, as there is nothing that affects the result but the random number generator. Others believe that playing at particular times could increase your odds – also play Cops and Robbers slot.

Although these views differ from each other, they both are correct in their claims. If you want to learn more about the best time to play online slots, read this review.


Online casinos are very active during holidays. Most providers introduce special perks for gamers during Christmas or New Year celebrations. They offer holiday-inspired bonuses to attract gamers to play their favorite games.

Holidays are when gamers spend more time with their families and have little to do at home. It is time that players drink and feel relaxed. Moreover, holidays are connected with the best prize pools and fast-increasing jackpots. In this case, you need to pay attention to special bonuses during the season and start playing your favorite slot game.

Morning or Night

There is no correct answer as to play in the morning or night. Often, the peak hours for playing online slots are between 20:00 and 02:00. The choice to either play in the morning or night largely depends on the slot’s cycle. If the slot collects money in the evening, it will pay out at that time. You can find the exact phase of a slot machine by testing with free slots.

Play when the Jackpot is High

Another time to play online slots is when the jackpot is sufficiently high. However, there is no guarantee that the game will soon pay the jackpot. When it pays out, the jackpot is purely by chance, and you cannot affect it.

Beginning or End of the Month

The first day of the month is the worst day to play online slots. All calculations between affiliates and online casinos are made from the first to the last day of the month. It also applies to payment systems, software developers, and all races and tournaments ending on the month’s last day. There is no negative carryover to affiliates, meaning that a new one would be reset to zero if the jackpot from last month has been won. Online slots reset the prize pools.

Therefore, it is advisable to gamble towards the end of the month. Based on statistics, many gamers choose to play games during this time, and you can expect most of the wagering in the last two or three days before the end of the month.

As much as online slots are considered, there is no definite answer as to when the right time is to play. It all depends on what phase of the cycle the slot is: if it collects money in the evening, it will soon pass the stage and payout. It is advisable to try free slots to determine the cycle of slots.