What To Do With Unused Songs

As a musician, chances are you have your fair bit of unused songs, just like any other musician in the world. There are a couple of reasons why musicians have unused songs and the main reason is perfectionism. Every artist wants to make the perfect music and in a bid to achieve this, some tracks will be cut out or unused as the artist feels the tracks are just not good enough. 

Perfectionism is the enemy of art and if most musicians feel their song isn’t good enough, it may never leave the rehearsal room. 

Sometimes, the musician may feel a song is good enough but doesn’t fit with an album or previous albums and decide not to use it. But whatever your reason for not releasing a song may be, the question is what do you plan to do with your unused songs? Are they going to remain in the abyss of your cloud? If that’s your plan, then you should reconsider. There’s a lot you could do with your unused songs and we’ll explain some of them below:

  • Do A Remix

Feel that unused track isn’t good enough? No problem. Inject some life into it by remixing it. Show off your flair for creativity and imagination in the remixed version. When it comes to remixing a song, you can pretty much do anything you like. 

You can completely change the genre of the music if you wish or alter the instrumentals to create something new and refreshing. It’s up to you. Teaming up with a producer can generate new ideas to incorporate into the song. 

  • License Your Music To A Reputable Marketplace

Your unused songs may not sound great to your ears but chances are people may find them appealing, very appealing. This is why many music marketplaces and royalty-free music providers are always looking for quality music, music that leaves an impression and that may just be your music. 

The key is finding reputable services and you can always submit your music to a Royalty Free Music site like There is the potential to earn passive income and have your music inspire and make an impression on people all over the globe.

Before submitting your music to any platform, the owners of the platform would want to know that the music is 100% owned by you, something you can prove. It’s also important that your music is of high quality. Sometimes, a song may be great but the overall quality is lacking due to the equipment used. 

  • Release An Acoustic Version

Ever thought of creating and releasing an acoustic version of your song? It may turn out to be very interesting for you. There are many creative and cool ways of creating acoustic versions of songs and the results can be awesome depending on how you go about it. 

While you are free to do anything you like with your song, we would like to point out that sometimes, the best way to adapt a song to an acoustic version is to completely change it. This is not to say you must change the song but you should at least keep an open mind during the process.

  • Create A Lyric Video

Creating lyric videos for unused songs and uploading them on different platforms is one of the best ways to market yourself as a musician. Of course, that would require you to get over any hurdle that prevented you from releasing the song in the first place. 

Think that unused track isn’t good enough? Modify or remix it before creating a lyric video for it. 

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