Will Roesner Reveals Latest Album, “Spirit, Hello”

On September 9th, ethereal Indie-Rock artist and singer-songwriter Will Roesner will return with his latest and much-anticipated album, Spirit, Hello.


Will’s latest album, Spirit, Hello, is much more experimental and intentional sonically than any of his past releases. One of the things Roesner wanted to explore with the album was a more “Pop” approach with catchy hooks and choruses. The result is a record that flows like a fever dream, from one room to the next, with an array of different sounds to latch onto. Will cites his inspiration for the album as 90s indie rock, shoegaze, and even some hints of EDM.

Will elaborates on the process of creating the album: “I was just sort of throwing everything I had at it. I’m very happy with the finished product, and it seems like an accomplishment listening back to the 16 track / hour long album. It will always be a time capsule to me, for the time which it was made – A time of change, and growth. I’ve always said that’s what the album is about; change, and the acceptance there of.”

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