(Miami, FL) – Multi-platinum selling producer and EDM DJ, Deorro, releases latest track “Ponte Pa’ Mi”. The critically acclaimed DJ teams up with Puerto Rican rapper and artist Jon Z to release the Latin genre’s next certified summer anthem. The song is available to stream on all digital streaming platforms today.

Listen to “Ponte Pa’ Mi”

“Ponte Pa’ Mi” follows Deorro’s signature boundary-pushing production style and gives his global fan base something that is truly unique, innovative, and memorable. The famed DJ enlisted the help of Urbano artist and rapper Jon Z due to his lyrical prowess and his rare ability to bring an unmatched energy to every song he is on. With this song, fans everywhere will see what happens when two indelible forces join together and create magic. Deorro solidifies his ability to keenly produce music that will resonate with global audiences through his masterful choice of upbeat rhythms and sounds layered Jon Z’s lyrical heat and flow.

Deorro reveals, “Working with Jon Z has been such a fun experience. He brings so much energy to the table and you can really see it come out in this song. My production style for the track was me trying to match that same energy level that he reflects in the song.” Jon Z echos Deorro’s sentiments and shares, “Working with Deorro was an electrifying experience because of how our music and chemistry vibe. I am beyond excited about the release.”

“Ponte Pa’ Mi” follows in the footsteps of his hit track “Si Tu No Estas Aquí” alongside Latin American pop singer Lua and “Me Siento Bien” alongside Kura and Alex Rose. Both songs stay true to Deorro’s unique Electro House-Cumbia and were welcomed with much fanfare. Since the mid-2010s, Deorro’s focus on Latin-inspired dance music has been the driving force behind many of his greatest hits. Because of this, he has cemented himself as one of the pioneers of Latin EDM — tirelessly working to bridge the gap between the two genres and creating something that is unique and mainstream. He has sought to incorporate traditional elements of cumbia and banda along with popular EDM beats, something that has garnered him much success like his songs “Bailar” and “Pica,” both of which featured Grammy Award-winning merengue artist, Elvis Crespo.