xo purp drops highly encapsulating indie pop single ‘nova’

xo purp is a generational talent. The highly mysterious 16-year old artist producer dropped their debut single ‘wating2die’ in 2021, which has seen over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. A plethora of singles have then followed, forming a highly immersive blend of indie and pop that has seen many listeners jump on board.


Growing up in a musical family in New York City, he quickly found himself singing on music his Dad’s classical records and recording all types of different genres, leading to his diverse and multi-functional sound. Always focused on telling different stories and narratives, xo purp’s hyper pop songs have seen him playlisted on Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Pop, further showcasing his limitless potential.

He now returns with experimental indie pop single ‘nova’, a song written about another person’s perspective. entirely. ‘nova’ is both metaphorical and literal, and was inspired from The Beatles’ song ‘She’s Leaving Home’, and at still such a young age, it is highly impressive that xo purp can focus so in depth on the storytelling element of songwriting so early on. 

Heavily influenced by other artists such as ericdoa, glaive and aldn, these all bring through the next wave of modern day pop artists who speak directly to their counterparts. ‘nova’ is a perfect example of this and xo purp’s craft, in what is a gritty indie song with driving bass, layered harmonies, all giving that pop underbelly feeling.

He says that “‘nova’ is a song about a girl called nova who falls in love with a guy but then gets into a bad set of circumstances. The 2nd part of the song where she gets lost in the forest is both literal and symbolic in the story. I usually do story songs from a male perspective so I wanted to switch things up.”It’s evident that this younger generation are pushing the boundaries of what we call pop music, and xo purp is certainly at the forefront of this multitude of artists. It’s clever, beyond his years and all finely tuned into just a 2 minute track, making ‘nova’ a special track by a truly special artist with so much more to come.