Yana Rose ‘Tainted Heart’ Alongside Debut EP

Yana Rose is a brand new pop artist from the US who already looks to be in complete control of her future. The singer songwriter is making sultry music that’s easy to listen to, but still holds deep rooted meaning – much like all the greats. 

Her mature use of lyrics envelops the listener into her stories in previous releases such Night Out, or bringing us inside her head on I Should Just Shut Up. Now, she continues to grow as she releases her debut 4 track EP Another Sunset Missed which raises the bar once more on her creative output, especially focus track Tainted Heart.

Clever production brings the song into the realm of the likes of Olivia Rodrigo or Madison Beer, however Yana Rose arguably brings something a little more human to the table then her influential counterparts.

On the focus track Tainted Heart, she says:

“Tainted Heart was my way of reflecting on a past situation with fresh eyes. I was head over heels for this guy at the time and the small potential that we could end up together kept me holding on for any bit of hope. Now, years after it’s ended, I can look back on all of it a bit more objectively and see how awful of a situation that was for me and how its effects smear into the present.”

The stunning EP is out into the world on the 9th of December and promises to be another milestone for Yana Rose as she continues to shape her future, one song at a time.