Zeroz release face-melting sophomore album “Lol”

Lol, the new album from Portland duo Zeroz, hyperpop’s answer to alt-rock/grunge, but with lots of tears and brooding to go along with all the guitar crunch. This is an infectious record with lots of emotional contours for how zany and upbeat it gets.

Listen in here:

It’s not too often that we associate face-melting guitar crunch with late-night crying jags, but Zeroz (FKA Butterfly) aren’t like other bands. In what can best be described as a party album for when you need to do some brooding and jump around a bit, Zeroz reach new heights of frenzy with their sophomore album Lol.

With Lol, the Portland duo serves up an irresistible blast of ‘90s-style alt/grunge riffing mixed with punk energy, contemporary hyperpop, dollops of sad boy tears and a deliciously wicked embrace of dark moods — all wrapped up in sugar-sweet hooks and a powerful knack for writing anthems for our current moment.

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