ZíA Returns to Bassrush Records With Scorching Sophomore Single “Turn it Up”

The Philly-based producer returns to Bassrush with her sophomore single.

ZíA makes her highly anticipated return to Bassrush Records with her follow-up single “Turn It Up,” a scorching dubstep track arriving ahead of this year’s slammed festival calendar.

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While the weather in Philly is currently closer to the chilly side, the forecast is reading record-breaking heat as its hometown hero Lex Kats comes in blazing with her latest creation. Operating under her ZíA pseudonym, the newly crowned queen of the wubs is coming in hot with her sophomore single for the Bassrush crew, a track she is finally ready to set free following a nationwide run of dates with two absolute behemoths in the bass scene. 

“After releasing my EP ‘Breakthrough’ this past October, I spent the next few months on HE$H’s The World Is Yours tour with himself and Bommer, which gave me so much inspiration,” says ZíA. “Coming back to the cold winter in Philadelphia, I couldn’t be more excited to put out a track that I intend on warming everyone up for spring/summer and the much-anticipated festival season!”

“Turn It Up” is a dancefloor defroster that is destined to drop jaws and raise the vibes for the indefinite future. On it, she cranks the punk rock sensibilities to obscene heights through a barrage of roiling metallic synths, grungy bottom-end, choppy vox, and splashes of melody to offset the brain-sizzling call-and-response of her ever-evolving groove. As soon as it seems like the destruction has tapered off, the track veers off into an epic saw-powered second drop to end on a high note.  

The new single is a bit of a full-circle moment for the rising star. It marks the return to the very imprint that played a role in kick starting her career by providing the first cosign on her inaugural release.

“I have a deep love in my heart for Bassrush! In September of 2019, I released my first single ever ‘Shotgun Sol’ on Bassrush and I’m honored to be back now with ‘Turn It Up!’” 

ZíA’s new single “Turn It Up” is available everywhere via Bassrush Records.

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