Ziggy D’Amato Releases Stunning New EP ‘Maya Blue’

Photo by Isaac Bixel

Ziggy D’Amato shares the hotly anticipated new EP Maya Blue (May 5th). Following the success of the two previous singles ‘Tina’s Nite Club’ and ‘Damages’, Ziggy is capitalising on the building momentum with a 5 track release showcasing the brilliant depth to this solo artist’s talent – writing all the songs, playing all the instruments, self-recording, producing, and mixing (not to mention some of the soaring guitar solos on display).

A restless and multi-talented creative with indie-rock tendencies, earworm pop melodies, thick layers of vocal harmonies, tight choppy and at times 70’s wah-wah guitar solos, David “Ziggy” D’Amato has a vibrant, joyous and utterly infectious musical style.

Featuring the new focus track and EP’s title track ‘Maya Blue’, Ziggy’s tight indie-pop-rock has never sounded better. Vibrant intertwining choppy guitar lines, punching drums and bopping bass, the result is a shimmering, summery indie-pop soundscape which bounces buoyantly under Ziiggy’s ever infectious vocal delivery and earworm melodies. Learning on his skillful guitar work in the tracks instrumental section, Ziggy layers vocal harmonies under a soaring, crunching solo. 

Speaking about the track Ziggy explains “Maya Blue is a tale of falling love in the winter of 2020. The excitement and joy of crushing hard. The heartbreak of it goes unrequited. The gratitude of being a small part of the eternal human love story.”

Capturing a joyous, upbeat indie essence whilst retaining a rich 70s musicality and fluorescent representation of the fresh and breezy soundscapes across the EP. 

Having already gained a range of support across tastemaker press including Earmilk, Notion, Glide Magazine, Fame and Backseat Mafia, Ziggy D’amato has begun to make a name for himself and is set to truly establish himself with the release of the new EP.

“The Maya Blue EP is a collection of five love songs. Reflecting on the joys of falling in love, the pains of unrequited love, the closure of old love and the celebration of the whole process. I consider them all pop songs but each track has a distinctive genre influence.”

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