21RoR add their signature funky tech-house style to the deep grooves of Victor Lou and LALALAURA’s ‘Saviours’, out January 6th 2023.

The 21RoR remix of ‘Saviours’ takes Brazilian DJ/producer Victor Lou’s deep house grooves to the next level by infusing the original track with their own tech-house style. This remix brings complex layers through deep bass-infused drops combined with 21RoR’s signature funky percussion beat and atonal blasts. 21RoR’s tech-house sound, paired with ‘Saviours’ catchy melody and LALALAURA’s captivating female pop vocals elevates this track to new levels.

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Upcoming artist 21RoR is comprised of the Italian producing-DJ duo and childhood friends Riccardo Marcucci & Francesco Rossi. Since their first release back in 2019, they have established their signature electro-house sound filled with funky beats and deep grooves. Multiple of their tracks have achieved hundreds of thousands of streams with an audience all across the globe. This duo have gone on to receive support from multiple legends within the electronic scene, receiving backing from Hardwell, Fedde Le Grand and Don Diablo to name a few, with their previous tracks out on the established labels Revealed Recordings and Hexagon. 21RoR are not one to miss!

Make sure to check out 21RoR’s remix of Victor Lou and LALALAURA’s track ‘Saviours’ out exclusively on Revealed Recordings on the 6th January 2023!

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