A-Legend Releases ‘The World Is Yours’

Photo Credit: Not_soulful

A-Legend is a low-key artist from the birthplace of hip-hop of The Bronx, New York. His musical journey began at church when he started singing at the age of five. He neatly transitioned to singing in choirs at elementary school, then went on to perform at open mics and performances through middle school and high school. He fell in love with hip-hop through his experiences in music class at the age of 12.

A-Legend returns with his brand-new single ‘The World Is Yours’. He goes through his melodic journey with boom bap, trap, and versatile flows to express his thought processes and his life experiences that he goes through on a daily basis. He only hopes the listener can vibe, relate, and resonate to his music.

He created ‘The World Is Yours’ in AOA Studios. He found inspiration from ‘Hey Young World’ by Slick Rick. He wanted to talk about his concerns about how toxic the world is, to discuss how the world needs more love, and that we are all human beings trying to figure it all out.

There’s an anthemic and melodic energy on ‘The World Is Yours’ that will immediately turn heads in A-Legend’s direction upon the very first beat of the track. The production is infectious with a dance vibe with a smooth hip-hop beat, trumpets, and samples, meanwhile the storytelling is engaging.

“It means that we are all humans, we are not perfect, we all need love, even the ones who are misunderstood,” – A-Legend comments on the track.

Music is therapy for A-Legend at this point in his musical career. He expresses a lot of bottled up emotions in this track, and hopes that he is not the only one who feels this way. Were he not to release music he fears his thoughts could eat him alive. Through his music he discusses some relatable topics of social anxiety, trauma, and darkness all accompanied by melodic tunes in a rap element.

A-Legend has two projects and two extended-plays under his belt. He will release his highly-anticipated third project, Goodbye Or See You Later, on June 2, 2023.